portable light towers

Portable light towers are useful for a variety of uses, from sports events to construction sites and at-risk areas.The lightweight tower is equipped with four 1,250-watt metal halide lights and 5,000 watts of power, providing adequate illumination of up to 166 square feet. One important consideration when choosing a portable light tower is the power source. While a conventional power outlet may be sufficient for most situations, a solar panel will provide a more reliable source of energy for extended use.

The HiLight line from Atlas Copco features a wide selection of light towers. They are built with durability and professional-grade reliability to meet the demands of any lighting application. The towers can also be linked for flexibility and scalability. Their wide wheel bases and powerful LED illumination provide adequate illumination for special events, road construction, and oil and gas work. Whether your application is industrial, residential, or commercial, a light tower can provide essential illumination for a multitude of tasks.

A light tower can be as bright as the sun, allowing workers to complete tasks during the day without the need for additional lighting. LED technology provides high-lumen output and low noise. These light towers also provide flexible night work solutions. Portable light towers can be powered by gas or electric engines, and many models are sold in modular kits so that the components can be separated as needed. Another type of portable light tower is an inflatable mast that enables placement close to the ground.

The fuel capacity is another important consideration. Large fuel tanks allow users to operate light towers for longer periods, meaning less downtime. Some models can last as long as 70 hours before requiring refueling. Another feature to consider when choosing a portable light tower is automatic illumination. It is particularly helpful in remote locations. In addition to their longevity, some portable light towers have other features, such as fluid containment, glare-free illumination, and noise level.

Another consideration when purchasing a portable light tower is the amount of land you plan to illuminate. It is best to ask the vendor how many acres a light tower can illuminate. Some towers are capable of lighting up to seven acres, but you may need more. Consider how much brightness is needed, and whether it is constant or variable. A construction site must be bright enough to avoid accidents, but a parking lot will need a lower level of brightness.

The number of portable light towers you need to hire will depend on the project and the weather conditions. The weather is an important factor, as winter days have fewer daylight hours than during the summer. If the ground is not level, the tower may tip over. Therefore, you must consider the size and style of your tower before making a final decision. After all, safety is the primary concern in any construction site. By ensuring proper visibility of the site, portable light towers are a great option.