Are you looking to get some cash for junk cars in Melbourne? Well, it would be then good to know if the vehicle you have is going to worth it to these companies. Luckily, we did the research and we found four of the most popular that cash for car companies in Melbourne love. Just keep reading to find out what they are:

Ford Falcons 

You’ve all heard about the Ford Falcon before, and with good reason: it is the most popular and purchased car in the country. With so many models available, and so many people in need of parts and replacements, you can see why cash for car companies are always looking towards purchasing Falcons. So if you ever want to sell your Falcon for some cash, there are always going to be options there for you.

Holden Commodores 

Such is the popularity of the Commodore, that there are thousands of people out there always looking for new parts. So if you are ever looking to sell your Commodore for parts, you will find a bucket load of cash and scrap metal companies happy to pay you a good price for them! They want to service all those other people that need the help and therefore, will happily pay you the price you need.

Toyota Camrys 

When it comes to Toyotas, nothing goes past the Camrys. These little vehicles are known for the energy saving tanks, their durability and their commitment to strength. That is why cash for car companies will jump at the chance to have them in their yard. They can reuse the materials, panels and parts for other Camrys on the market. If you are worried about not getting money back for your Toyota, then don’t worry: the Camry will fetch you a good, fair price!

Mitsubishi Hilux 

If there is ever a need for a big ballsy truck, then the Hilux is the model for you. And it is this popular model that has seen cash for car companies jump at the chance to buy one. They are resolute vehicles, tough, durable and can provide a wealth of materials and cover to other vehicles. If you have a Hilux, don’t be shocked if the company will offer you some good money for it. To trade trucks in for cash, reach out the specialists at All Cars For Cash today. They will be able to help you with everything you need.

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